Partspc - What a joke

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parts pc is a joke and the worse customer service i have ever seen..i planed to build my pc and friend of mine recommended thease guys .so i called and told them what am looking for they told they will build the perfect for me so..

he sed he will have me speak to him tech the best tech on the house i sed fine he came on phone and befoe i say any thing he put me on hold for like 5 mints came back asked what i was saying and i sed you didn't let me say any thing..

sd oh ok so how can i help you told him iam calling to build a new system ...he recomended some part and i told him i don't want those so i picked some part from there webside he put me on hold for another 10 mints to tell me they are out of stock of the parts i picked they want to pick the parts for me so i told him ok go for it they build the system and shiped to me out the box turin the pc on and there is password on the windows after 15 days of waiting got my pc locked with no password on my invoice called the next day after 45 mints got the windows unlocked the first 5mints video card fried after 15 days i have bad system so i called the owner very upset he told his best tech build the pc i told if Jason his best tech then his company is in big troble every 2 mint will put you on hold for 5 mints for no reson so i told them i didn't want the pc the owner's name was Micheal he told me he was sorry and will make it up for me so i sed fine

they build another one and guess what i got the 2nd one and the video card power conector wasn't conected so i just gave up on this company it took me more then 45 days to get the pc and it wasn't what i was looking for his best tech was a joke didn't know *** about any thing any qwestions i asked him he would put me on hold and come back with a difrent subject.

will never ever do bussniss with there guys the worse plase ever

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Partspc - Dishonored their warranty

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It has been two weeks since my family has been without a computer. I was promised an RMA for a return after ram I purchased failed and never received an RMA nor explanation.

I contacted partspc for help and called a dozen times in one day never speaking to a person and leaving my number never receiving a return call as promised.

I can see that their warranties are worthless and will let everyone I can contact know not to do business with partspc.

Here are the emails:

[#PRV-866348]: Order Number 681579 Inbox X


PartsPc - RMA to me

show details Oct 15 (10 days ago)


We found that memory which you purchased before 2 years stop working.

You can go for replacement, however memory must have all of the stickers on it.

We will email you RMA# in next hours.



Note:This email and any attachments are intended solely for the person or entity to which it is addressed and contain information that is privileged, confidential or otherwise protected from disclosure. Distribution or copying of this e-mail or the information contained herein, to anyone other than the intended recipient is prohibited. If you have received this e-mail in error, please immediately notify the sender by e-mail. Please delete and destroy any copies of this e-mail




vince mattingly to rma

show details Oct 20 (5 days ago)

Hello checking back since your message says I will receive rma in hours it has been 5 days thanks Vince.

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vince mattingly to rma

show details 7:49 PM (17 minutes ago)

It has been two weeks since without my computer I contacted you for help and called a dozen times in one day. I can see that your warranties are worthless and will let everyone I can contact know not to do business with partspc. Goodbye.

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Partspc - Bad Memory from BZBoyz

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I also received bad memory.I ordered four sticks.

Three were good. One would keep the computer from booting up. It was RMA'd according to BZBoyz instructions and mailed with plenty of time to reach them in the ten day time limit. It came back refused by them.

What kind of a ripoff company is this? My initial purchase money was lost and now I have lost the money for shipping it back to them. I will never buy from them again.

Next time it will be Newegg I purchase from.They stand behind their products and treat the customer as if they want to keep their business.

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It came back because they went *** up... stalling customer

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I ordered a kit consisting of a motherboard, cpu and ram, with xtra ram, and video card to upgrade my current system.When several days of waiting yielded no order, I returned to the web site and "live chatted" with Stacy.

She told me the order was on hold til I called BACK and verified with them that way. Since I didn't know there was any kind of verification call coming, I had deleted the one I had received as I don't accept calls on my cell from people I don't know. I apologized to her about it, and she told me they would call again that same day. The call never came.

They put and still have a hold on my credit card funds for the order, but as yet, I have heard NOTHING from them.

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Partspc - Deceived me

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Add me to the list of deceived consumers.I purchased a 1GB pc3200 DDR module and it did not work.

After further research, I discovered that my computer (like many others have experienced)does not work with HIGH DENSITY RAM. It is true that indicated that the RAM was high density;and my ignorance contributed to my victimization; but their having wording such as "buy with confidence", "satisfaction guaranteed", "life time warranty" put the nail in the coffin (guess who's inside the coffin). On top of that, during the checkout process, they continually attempted to sell me "additional" assurances(which raised a red flag, but the deal was Soooo good! ).

I will be requesting a refund Monday. From other posts, Im expecting to get the "run around". I will also be monitoring my credit card account as well. With such questionable business practices, who knows what else they may do.

Buyer beware.

Dont be a victim.

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I'm hesitant to write anything because I haven't received my order yet, but already I know i will NEVER shop at partspc again.

I ordered a full system with no OS and added some additional parts as upgrades. first off, they keep stalling my order saying they need to verify my shipping address as it varies from my billing address. Fine, that's good fraud protection, good for them, but they tell me they can't verify my shipping address for almost a week, so i call my bank, don't identify myself, just ask what address is associated with the account number and they tell me the proper address.

Second, i received a statement of purchase when i first placed the order, which differs from the statement i received via e-mail, so i called questioning it, and they went line by line and everything is actually on the order. fine, we'll see how that turns out.

So i ask him if everything will be installed or if i'll need to install the upgrade components myself, and he responds, "i can give you a tracking number so you can keep track of it as it ships."

I explain that's fine, but when it arrives, will i have to put it together or will they assemble and test the optional components as well as the main system?

"it will come in three boxes and if there is any problems we offer a refund."

"ok great, but will the extra things i ordered already be installed or do i need to install them myself?"

I finish talking and realize that while I was in mid-sentence he put me on hold. I wait about a minute and finally he comes back and says everything should be installed and fine.

Then he puts me on hold again before i can say anything, I wait there for a few minutes and he comes back and asks if I have any other questions.

This is the most ridiculous customer "service" I have ever encountered. It's horrible and I will be sure to let anyone i know who is looking for computer parts to go elsewhere..

I think I would rather deal with the genuises on the floor of a Fry's Electronics than deal with again.

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Hazleton, Pennsylvania, United States #19522

I order 2 desk top computers that they assembly.One computer case was dented, USB front cover was broken, and did not hook up the front wiring for the USB connection.

The other computer would not boot up properly because of the hard drive they recommend on their site. Hard drives are (SATA2/ SATA). It took 3 months for them to listen to me and send me the right hard drive.

I had to pay up front just to return the wrong hard and a bad hard drive they sent me.I'll never order from this site again.

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Never purchase anything from

Their good prices are good due to their lack of customer services.

I ordered a full pc to be tested and assembled for my grandmother so she wouldn't have any problems. I even had a rep call back afterwards to confirm my order and he too confirmed it would be assembled because this was most important to me. When I received my order today it was not assembled, I called and spoke to Suzanne, she kept putting me on hold. Finally she had said she would return 10$ credit to my acct, I asked for a reference number so I had proof the conversation took place, she disconnected the call. I figured it was an accident and called back and she answered, I asked again and she hung directly up on my face when i told her who I was, this happened 2 more time until finally Anne answered the phone and spoke to me and said she'll take care of me but still no reference number.

Atleast she didn't hang up on me.

This type of support is not even called for. The fact she hung up to my face 3 times in just insane.


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I ordered a mobo,ram, cpu, and a fan.NONE of them worked.

After calling the company, they said to send it back to recieve full credit.They also said to buy the insurance just incase "they dont recieve it".

Do not buy from here. AKA

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Buyer Beware! Quick shipment on a DEFECTIVE product. I installed the memory in my computer and it did nothing. I tested the 1 GB PC2700 in my 2 daughter’s computers and the same thing. All 3 of these computers have chipsets that their ad said would work correctly. I was a little pissed at this point and looked at their feedback. I should have done this prior to buying from them but have never had a problem before buying things online. After reading 100's, yes hundreds of negative feedbacks I decided to have this memory tested by a pro before contacting them. I took it to a big named computer parts store in California and they confirmed my conclusion. I sent numerous emails without response in regards to replacing my defective RAM. One the 4th day I called 3 of the numbers listed on their site. Two of these numbers didn’t work but I did reach the customer service rep. They asked what kind of motherboard I had and said they would email me my 3 options. I already knew what they were going to be after reading so many complaints. Each of these will require me to pay them more money. I told the rep I already know what my 3 option were and would gladly make the 40 mile drive to his shop and replace / handle this matter in person. They didn’t want any part of this and told me their eBay crew was working the night shift. They told me they would email me instruction on how to return this item. At this point I was very frustrated trying to understand this guy and ended the call. It would be nice if they had a “customer service rep” that could properly communicate.. Sure enough, they mailed me my 3 options which I’ve list on the bottom of this email.

These are my thoughts on the option they provided. There actual email is below my comments.

Option 1

Why would I pay more money to a company that sent me a defective product and has so many angry customers? No it wasn’t a problem with the 3 personal computers or the test done at the shop it was your product that was at fault! I don’t need a upgrade on ram I need one that works.

Subtotal: US $23.95

Shipping and handling: US $9.95

Shipping insurance (included): --

8.260% CA Sales Tax (applies to subtotal + S&H): US $2.80

Seller discounts or charges:


Total: US $36.70

Furthermore, why are you charging me 3 bucks shipping to mail it back to me if I did the upgrade when I paid 9.95 to get this junk? Did you rip me off the first time or am I getting a discount this time?

Last but not least on option 1, where the *** is my life time warranty they claim in their ad?

Option 2:

Sure, let me send this junk back and get back $18.45! I will have to pay for insurance and some kind of deliver confirmation or you will say you never received it. I will have to pay for postage which should only be about $3 not the 9.95 you charged me to send it. Ok so were looking a $5 and I will get back $13.45 of my $36.70. Oh but wait, I forgot your going to say I’ve damaged the item in some way as you’ve done to others in past and not refund me anything. I bet this one stick of defective ram has made your various company names thousands of dollars!

Option 3:

Sure I’m all over this one. Exchange my ram for 1/2 the amount at no cost. You will send me another piece of junk or try to milk a few more bucks for shipping and handling which consists of a tiny 2x5" bubble wrap and tiny envelope. I think I will have it mounted on a plaque and keep it on my desk. Every time I go to order something online I will look at it and remember to avoid sellers like you.


One pissed off Dude

Pasted directly from my email they sent to me:

If you wish an exchange for right module, I DO GUARANTEE LOWEST PRICE AND make sure you get RIGHT COMPATIBLE MODULES. It is jungle out there if you are looking for right module, and I promise to take care of you by being an honest and right guide.

For compatible memory, I have a Super Talent which would be the right choice. They are the same company who make modules for major companies and is FAR cheaper than them, also offers a lifetime direct warranty and excellent reputation with at the right price point.

If you need correct, compatible module, this option is the best one. Compare the price and please compare apple to apples. This is NOT OEM or a Generic brand that I am recommending, but a certified hassle free solution.

You had paid, $23.95 USD for High Density Memory on the auction, but that is not the right modules you for, so for right type of module - Low Density, EACH module would cost $64.00 USD

UPGRADE to compatible Hassle Free - Certified Low Density 1GB PC2700 Memory - It will cost you an additional $43.05 USD (Price includes Return shipping of $3 back to you).

This price is guaranteed for only the next 3 days, as prices keep changing, so I request that please reply ASAP. I want your 100% satisfaction. Because of that, I can say - I offer best service and very aggressive prices - Hoping you will come to back us in future for any other hardware needs.

IF you wish to Upgrade, it is SIMPLE - Pay the amount using Paypal by sending payment to (or if you wish, we can also take credit card)

Simple Steps to follow:

1. Go to / Click on Send Money (TOP TAB) / Click on PAY ANYONE / Recipient’s email - USE: / Category of Purchase: USE: Goods (other)

2. Once you get transaction ID, email it to me

3. Once you pay, and let us know, we will then send you RMA number and instructions to return the modules you currently have.

4. As soon as we receive them, we will send you replacement modules to you.

Option 2

If you wish a Paypal refund the refund value will be: $18.45 USD

Option 3

There is a 3rd option, if budget is an issue. You can do even swap for LOW DENSITY module - get 1/2 the RAM you have bought but it will be compatible and will not cost you extra

I know others are selling this type of memory, so if you decide to go with me, JUST LET ME KNOW, I will make the change and send it out. Please let me know as to which way you wish to go and I will send you appropriate RMA number and instructions for return.


Bzboyz Team


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They Got Me to. PC133 Low density.

Was not Low D. And wouldn't work in anything I put it in.


Same thing happened to me.Text of email is exactly the same with amounts changed.

This is a classic bait and switch.

These guys suck.:(

Hemel Hempstead, England, United Kingdom #1336

know how you feel. i got the same burn from them


Not resolved


I ordered 2GB PC3200 400FSB DDR (1GB x 2) Memory Dual Channel Kit W/Lifetime warranty (HD)

Only one chip works. They ignored my emails, I finally called them, and they b*tched at me for submitting a bad review at PriceWatch, where I had responded to their ad. They insisted I go back and change my review, which I could not because PriceWatch only lets you submit 1 review per month for their stores. They issued an RMA, but I had to pay for shipping. I did so, and they returned what I think is the same chip to me, it doesn't work either. I called them again, they said a technician would email me in 1/2 hour. I have not heard from them, I tried calling back repeatedly but the phone is busy.

I will now take the matter up with my cc company.

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